Anastasia, 16.
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The traumatized are unpredictable because we know we can survive.

Shame (2011) dir. Steve McQueen

Mads Mikkelsen laughs, a deliberate response, that interesting face softened. And trying to describe this face would be like trying to describe the sky or the amorphous play of water over a stone. His inkdrop eyes could easily be misconstrued as vehement or even sad. They seem to hold in them a certain indelible logic, a set of axioms left there by circumstance, like a scar. It’s refreshing that the guy’s kind of a goofball.”

And now, I’m a changed man.


I feel like I become a little gayer each time i see these two together


A Song of Ice and Fire Brand Boards 1/?

some believe that before the universe, there was nothing. they’re wrong. there was darkness… and it has survived.


Bless you and to you who made this gif. I love you.